Bodour Al Qasimi encourages alumni engagement at AUS Alumni iftar


Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, President of American University of Sharjah (AUS), was
in attendance at the AUS Alumni Iftar on April 11. This event, which is organized annually by the
Office of Advancement and Alumni Affairs (OAAA), hosted 500 AUS alumni this year in the AUS
Main Building Rotunda.

In her welcome remarks, Sheikha Bodour told the students they were like AUS ambassadors
with a stake in its future.

She added: ‘We want to ensure AUS remains the top choice for students and employers, and a
trusted partner for the government and the private sector. Your continued partnership and
commitment will be key to maintaining and enhancing our reputation at home and abroad.’
Sheikha Bodour also encouraged the alumni to maintain links with the university throughout
their lives.

‘Your experience, your networks, your contacts, and your ideas have a vital role to play in
ensuring we successfully navigate this period of change, and continue to bring value to our
students, our partners, and our community,’ she said.

Rania Morsi, Interim Executive Director of OAAA, spoke about the importance of alumni

“Our commitment to alumni engagement is rooted in the belief that our graduates are an integral
part of our university family, and we are dedicated to maintaining strong relationships with them.
As we are gathered here tonight, we are reminded of the spirit of Ramadan, which emphasizes
the values of connectivity, community and family. Let us remember the importance of staying
connected with one another and supporting each other in our personal and professional
endeavors,” she said.

Following the iftar, Sheikha Bodour met with members of the alumni association’s board to
discuss the role of the association in keeping AUS alumni actively connected to the ongoing life
of AUS. With more than 39 alumni chapters locally, regionally, and internationally, the AUS
Alumni Association helps AUS graduates fulfill their responsibility of enhancing the growth and
development of their university.

Ali Lootah, President of the AUS Alumni Association, highlighted the importance of networking
among AUS alumni, saying: “Bonding is key to ensuring successful interaction between AUS
alumni. We, at the Alumni Association, strive to create strong bonds between our alumni
through communication and sharing. The AUS Alumni Iftar this Ramadan is a nice way to get
together and get acquainted.”

Over the past 25 years, AUS has cultivated a reputation for developing the talents of its
students so that they are well prepared to contribute to the ambitious nation-building goals of
the UAE. AUS students and alumni have helped drive many of the country’s most important
achievements, including successful ventures into space, the adoption of alternative energy
resources and breakthroughs in the treatment of cancer, among many others.