Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel, managed by Accor, Steps Up Sustainability Initiatives


Demonstrating its unwavering commitment to sustainability, the legendary Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel, managed by Accor, has rolled out a series of measures aimed at achieving carbon neutrality and waste reduction. The hotel has eliminated or replaced all single-use plastics from its guest rooms, a milestone that highlights QE2’s dedication to minimizing its environmental footprint in accordance with Accor’s global commitment toward reducing environmental impacts and strengthening efforts to combat plastic pollution of the world’s oceans and other natural environments.

Ferghal Purcell, General Manager for Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel, managed by Accor, emphasized, “Reducing our environmental impact is aligned with Accor’s ‘Our Planet, Our Commitment’ initiative a collective mobilization to lead industry best practices. Therefore, at the Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel, we have accelerated our sustainability initiatives as we don’t just cater to the world, but we care for it. Our efforts go beyond words as our goal is to make a decisive contribution to global conservation measures, even though we may only be a ripple in a river. Every step we take resonates with our core values bringing us closer to our objectives. We invite our guests and partners to join us in this journey to help restore our earth and make a difference with a more ecologically responsible approach.”

To minimize the need for single-use plastic items, Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel, is using Nanoceram purification technology (a NASA-derived technology) which is highly efficient, cost-effective and produces zero water waste during filtration when compared to conventional purification methods such as reverse osmosis. It will help the hotel to provide its own drinking water for guests and team members, that will be served in reusable glass bottles.

Energy conservation too remains at the heart of QE2’s future planning. The hotel is focusing on numerous ways to increase energy efficiency in the short and long term. QE2 has taken concrete actions, such as installing energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs and improving insulation.

Reduction in food wastage is another critical focus for Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel. By incorporating effective strategies such as smart weighing and re-envisioning buffets and recipes, the hotel is leading the charge against food wastage. These measures also promote eco-friendly dining habits while providing guests with authentic and healthy gastronomic experiences.