Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel in Dubai Unveils Exclusive Heritage Tours for Schools


The iconic Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel in Dubai has launched exclusive ‘Heritage Tours for Schools’. This unique 45-minute tour offers a rare opportunity for students to step back in time and explore the rich maritime legacy of one of the world’s most famous ocean liners, now transformed into a floating hotel.

Designed specifically for school groups, the Heritage Tour provides an interactive and educational experience for students. With a focus on the illustrious past of the Queen Elizabeth 2, the tour presents an engaging way to learn outside the classroom.

Tour Details:

§  Duration: 45 minutes of historical exploration

§  Cost: AED 50 per student

§  Group Size: Accommodates up to 30 students

§  Schedule: Available on weekdays at 8.30 am and 9.30 am

Educational Benefits:

The tour is not only a journey through the ship’s storied past but also a valuable educational experience. Students will have the chance to:

§  Discover the rich history of the Queen Elizabeth 2 and its impact on maritime heritage.

§  Learn about the evolution of ocean liners and their role in global travel.

§  Explore the unique features of the ship that made it a legend in maritime history.

For inquiries and reservations, please contact +971 4 526 8888 or tours.qe2@accor.com


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